Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birch Plywood Windsor Chair

So my plan is to build a Windsor Chair out of Birch Plywood. I have developed my idea after reading a book by John Brown on building Welsh Stick Chairs. I have no idea if this concept will work but only time will see!

To start with I made a quick model to see the rough shape of my chair. Must admit I need to change the legs to some thicker legs. I will change these at some point.

Next I glued 3 layers of Birch Plywood together to create a thick chunky piece to make my seat base out of.  This was made up of two layers of 18mm ply with a layer of 9mm in the  middle.

Next I started to work on making some test pieces for the legs. I made this by cutting out some circles using a tank cutter and then gluing them around a piece of M8 threaded bar. My idea of using the breaded bar is to add some strength and keep the parts aligned. Before I cut loads of these I need to work out a quicker way of cutting out the circles. Not sure yet if I will go the bandsaw, router or lathe route. I might have to do some more testing.