Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bits and Boxes

One problem I seem to face is that I am building up ideas of how to improve my workshop quicker than I can make them! I use Microsoft One Note to track the ideas and I must have 20 or so things I would like to make. Tonight whilst I was walking my dog I decided to go into my workshop and spend some time making one of the things on my list.

I have just ordered some rolls of sand paper. In total I will have five different grits. My plan is to make a dispensing box for them to they can be pulled out and easily cut.

To star this I have glued a box together (not joints, just PVA). Inside there are dividers that will separate the sections.

When the glue has gone dried tomorrow I will cut a slot on my table saw on one side. This will be the slot that the paper comes out of. When this is wide enough I will chop the whole top of it with the bandsaw. On the back I will put a piano hinge and then a couple of clips to keep it closed. I  have an old bandsaw blade that I will fasten along the front to cut the pieces of paper.

Below is how the paper will be spaced out:

Ok, So I missed taking a few photos. Basically what I did was cut a slot through one side of my box (8mm wide) on my table saw. I then used the bandsaw to cut the lid off.  On the back I added a piano hinge to allow access to the inside.

On the top I added an old bandsaw blade. This allows the sand paper to be ripped off - this has to be done in a quick movement. But it works! I also added a couple of latches to keep the lid closed. 

At the end of the day I wanted a quick way of storing my different rolls of paper, have I achieved this.... yes! Ok I could have spent time putting some wood joints on it... I could have smoothed all of the edges and put a finish on it. But the box does everything I need it to do. Now whats next on my list of little jobs that need doing?!?!?