Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sample projects from Woodworking 1&2

Ok, so this is my first real test of Blogger. I want to see what I can do on here and use it a diary to show what I do! So much of the time I find myself forgetting the projects that I work on. This project is taken from the Working Wood 1&2 book by Paul Sellers. I have spent the last 12 years as a teacher of Design Technology and thought this book would give me the chance to 'hone' my skills. A lot the time I have to make things quickly and don't really get the chance to do things properly! I have never really used some tools, and one I always found frustrating is a spoke shave.

This project involves making a spatula and wooden spoon. I have chosen to make these out of white oak, as I had a couple of small bits kicking around.

I started out by making a temple out of a piece of acrylic. This allowed me to quickly draw around it.

The book gets you to cut out the shape using a chisel. To be honest I will never try that cause it sounds like too much hard work! So I quickly cut the shape out on my bandsaw.

I have tried using a Stanley metal spoke shave and never really got anywhere with it! I was at a boot fair the other week and picked up this wooden spoke shave! After a quick sharpen it works REALLY well!! I am so please with it! The best £3 I have spent on a tool ever!!

I worked around all of the edges smoothing it out, really enjoying using it.

The best bit was shaping the handle, this was so satisfying!!! It worked so well and was really easy to control.

To smooth the spatula I used a cabinet scraper to smooth the edges. Again this is a set of tools that I have had for ages. I just haven't had time to experiment with them.

This is my nearly completed spatula, just got a few bits to sort out and then it will be completed.

This picture shows the bit at the bottom that I need to finish smoothing.

The next project was making a wooden spoon. To be honest I am not happy with this so I will be starting again. But it was a good chance to use some gouges, again these are tools that I have not really had much of a chance to use and experiment with.