Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Startrite Bits n bobs

Last summer I bought an old Startrite 301 bandsaw. I had originally been looking for a Startrite 352 but this one came up on eBay about thirty minutes drive away. I have used 352 bandsaw's a lot having had one in my old school workshop. In hindsite I am pleased that I got the 301 because it is far easier to transport and that bit lighter when moving it down my garden to my workshop.

Just after I bought the new bandsaw I found the instruction manual. At the back of it there was a section on jigs that the machine would have come with when new. When I bought the machine it came with the original fence and mitre gauge but the instructions also showed a depth stop and a compass cutting attachment (photo of instructions below). So my plan is to have a go at making these two attachments that didn't come with the bandsaw. The compass attachment will really be useful for making the legs of my Plywood Windsor Chair as I will be able to cut out the circles.

Using the instruction manual as a guide I set about make a compass attachment. To be honest I am not sure how much use this will be, I will have a go but I'm not convinced. The circles I need to cut will be small and I just don't think it will do small enough circles.

Below it the depth stop that I have made. This seems ok, but I would usually use a piece of wood clamped to the fence. Again time will tell!

The photos below show my bandsaw in place in my workshop. I think most of the time the jigs can probably stay in place. If not I will fasten them to the side of it will a couple of magnets so they don't get lost!