Saturday, 22 June 2013

Week 2...... It started as an idea.

Week 2...
This week has flown by and I have struggled to find time to get in my workshop but I had an idea....... my idea happened when reading this months edition of make magazine (vol 34). There is an article by Kazuhisa Terasaki about using smart phones to control servos. Basically what they had done was write an app (Gluemotor) for use on an Android or Iphone that uses PWM (Pulse width modulation - signals go up and down) to make a servo move. They do this be connecting a small circuit to some old headphones plugged into a phone. The app then makes the servos move.

My idea is to use this app fastened to a pair of wireless headphones to some servos that are modified to continually rotate. If this works I hope to make a robot that could drive around. I have NO idea if this will work.... I will try and get into my workshop to find out... Just need to find some time to do this... its looking like a busy weekend!

So I have pulled apart the headphones. I cam across a problem that I have encountered before! This is the fact that I struggle to take photos at the same time as actually working on an object. The photo below shows that I am also having to work on the edge of my bench. The area that I have set up for doing electronic bits is just not big enough.

This is a panorama of my set up for electronics. Basically by the time I have two monitors, power supply, oscilloscope etc.. I have no room to move. So.... I am putting this project on hold until I have updated my work space!