Friday, 5 July 2013

52 Week Maker Challenge week 4

This week for my fourth week I chose to turn a hard drive into a speaker. I got the idea for this project  from the book 62 Projects to make with a dead computer.

I started by taking apart a hard drive. I then cut the end of a 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead I had kicking around (I could have used an old pair of headphones if I had one). I then used the lead connected to a radio to find out which terminals made a noise when touching the terminals on the hard drive.

When I found the correct terminals I soldered the two wires in place. I then used a spare amplifier kit I had to make an amp for the hard driver speaker. The circuit was then glue gunned to the back of the hard driver. (photo to follow). When testing the hard driver speaker I found that it was very quite, but it did look cool! When I was testing the hard drive I had it on a cutting mat. I like the fact that this gives an understanding of scale. With my electronic area redevelop I am thinking of having this under the camera that I am going to set up.

The photo below shows the amplifier connected to the back of the hard drive, this was done with a liberal dose of glue gun glue..

The wire from the headphone lead was very thin. To keep this secure it was fastened in place with more glue gun glue.

The finished speaker looked cool, especially when the arm was moving as it played music. As the amplifier was very small, there was only a small amount of movement of the arm. It would be interesting to fastened it to a louder amplifier!