Sunday, 14 July 2013

52 Week Maker Challenge Week 5

So this week I have decided to make a camera that I can position over my work space. This will help when making projects as I plan to have it foot operated. To so this I have got an Ikea angle lamp and a Microsoft HD Cinema webcam.

The first job was to remove the light surround, this is really easy to remove on the Ikea lamp. It just simple twists to remove it.

The bulb holder was then unscrewed. This was connected with a couple of nuts and bolts.

The wire was then cut to remove it, this allowed the wire to be pulled out. I tried to keep the parts of the wire as long was possible so I can always use the switch and the bulb holder again.

I will keep the lamp surround as I know a friend has an angle lamp in his workshop without one.

With the wire removed the adjustable end was free to hold the camera.

To fasten the webcam on to the end of the arm. To do this I had to drill out the camera mount and tap it, this allowed me to use a longer machine screw. I had to change the size due to the tiny screw that was originally in the camera mount (I changed it to the smallest machine screw I had M2.5!).

When the camera was in place it was free to move around to be pointed in different directions.

The cable was fastened in place with cable ties. This will keep it out of the way when it is being used.

To start with I fastened the camera between my monitors. This may change when I start using the camera as it may get in the way of my lamp, but until I try it I will and see!

Next I will make a foot operated switch, this will basically be a mouse with no movement and will allow me to press with my foot (when the cursor is over the photo button on the software).