Saturday, 6 July 2013

Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Fair 2013

So today I went to the Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Fair in London. This is the first time that I have been to a Maker Fair. I have seen the one in Brighton advertised, but it was always advertised as a mini one and I was not keen on travelling that far for a mini one. The full Maker Fair in Newcastle is too far for me to travel and be back in work for the Monday morning.

What are my first impressions..... I NEED A 3D printer!!! I hold my hand up... I had never actually seen one working! I am impressed! They were everywhere! This week I am going to look around at the different options that are available. I will not be able to buy one in one go, but I will have a look at the possibility of buying one bit by bit!

Walking round the fair I was impressed with some of the projects. I particularly like a set of hanging guitars. They had a pair of hanging contacts, that when touched the guitars made noise... pretty cool!

There was also good collection  of laser cut products. I do not have access to a laser cutter any more, but one day I want to have a go at bending materials with one! I really like the bent plywood! Such a cool idea.

I liked the little marble machine. Such as cool little project, the kids in my school would love this!

Another project I liked was a useless machine. This is a project I have been thinking about making one for a while. I like the way that the case has been cut out to allow it to be bent.

Another great project was an automated musical device. I hold my hand up.... I am not music in any way shape or form! I have no rhythm and I can not sing!  This machine could happily keep a rhythm though! Another project that the kids in school would love!

There was a wide collection of 3D printers and products! This has really inspired me to get one! I was impressed with the sheer range of products they have on show that they have made with them!

Also on show were some other products I really liked this water dispenser! I could quite imagine this in my schools staff room. Mind you I think it would look a bit out of place!

In general though I had a good couple of hours.... I have some ideas of things I want to buy and make as the inspiration seeds have been sown!