Friday, 5 July 2013

Maker Challenge Week 3

For my Maker Challenge Week 3 I spent some time helping a friend take down his wood store, move it and reassemble it smaller. This will allow his neighbour to complete some building work.

The first job was to work out how to take the old wood store apart. It was built really well so this was not a quick job!

The store was made from shuttering ply, it is raised up on top of a raised bed.  This allowed it to be next to my friends workshop.

The first job was to empty the contents of the wood store. It always looks so much more when spread out!

 We managed to get the frame a apart in sections. This would allow us to reuse the wood to make the new timber store.

 We kept the right hand side of the store together. This was then used to form the new back of the store in its  smaller incarnation.

The biggest pain was having to remove all of the old nails and screws!!

The panels were trimmed to size using a circular saw. This allowed quick reshaping of the the panels.

A new opening was made across the front of the store. This covers three quarters of the front of the store to allow access to the material.

To keep the wood dry it was quickly put inside. This will need properly sorting so that it can easily be accessed.

The roof was cut to side and then fastened back on. This will need a strip of roofing felt on the back of it to make the roof watertight for the British summer! Oh.... and the doors being put back on.