So this is my on-line journal that I want to record my journey of being a maker. This will involve me making things using a mixture wood, plastic, metal or electronics.  I enjoy the whole making process from researching, design to making. I would described myself a maker collector. This is because I enjoy collecting different skills using a wide range of materials.  Most of the products I make are for use around my house.

I am setting myself the target of making 52 items in the next 12 months. I have called this the the Maker 52 Week Challenge (catchy hey!).

During this time I want to make some items for around my house as well as some items to use as resources for my work.

Possible ideas for projects include:

1. A wooden clock (with the mechanism made out wood).
2. Some sort of robot that drives around.
3. A robot hand (I have always fancied making one.... actually I have always fancied making a humanoid robot that could sit on a desk in school... but this would be a start).
4. Solar drier for drying fruit such as apples and strawberries.
5. Solar heater for heating my workshop, but this will be made after testing the solar drier.

If you have any suggestions let me know!